Saturday, April 7, 2012

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings!

As a girl, I have a tendency to every once in a while look at possible wedding dresses for my future wedding. I've come across many different kinds of themes, and some can quite abstract (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.). However, the one theme that has caught my heart is of course the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection. Yes, I do realize this is probably the most expensive and nearly impossible collection and theme I could possibly come across besides huge designer dresses from Europe, but a girl can still admire, right?

The dresses designed by Alfred Angelo are absolutely breathtaking. He has taken the Disney princess' gowns from their movies and tailored them to a uniquely similar real-life model. He even has dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls that can fit with each theme. As well as stunning jewelry.

I decided to make a series of posts of these wedding themes. Each week I'll put together a theme for each Disney princess to share with you the magic Alfred Angelo has created :) 

Here is a concept video of some of the beautiful gowns I'll be posting about in the next few weeks:

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